Tea & Cakes - Ashpoles, Sharnbrook


As it was a beautiful sunny day on Friday we decided to take a trip out for lunch, after a bit of 'googling' the other half decided that Ashpoles in Sharnbrook was my kind of place and so we set off.

We took the wiggly way around Stevington, Felmersham and area, and let the sat nav guide us through once I pointed the car in the right direction...we did just come back on the A6 and was quicker as there wasn't too much traffic.

We had a salad, panini and homemade cakes and sat in the garden, it was lovely and worth the trip.  We had intended to have a walk around but it was so hot we didn't in the end.

It is close to the river so there must be some lovely walks nearby, I must investigate.

Harold and Odell park is not far away, not been there for ages, so maybe that is one to take a trip to.