Fabric Shopping

So I thought I would add posts about my local fabric finds too, I will add labels as usual so that you can you the list at the side to just see the subject that takes your fancy.

Fabric and craft shopping is something I like to do, always on a mission to find interesting items, and bargains too if I can manage it.

Milton Keynes market has an amazing fabric stall (Neils) and I can always find something there, and there is also a great haberdashery stall, so you can pretty much be kitted out for a complete project.

However I like to discover a few different places, and a couple of weeks back I went to Millshop online, Northampton with a friend.  We decided to take in breakfast on the way, and went to a Buddies, have to say wouldn't bother again, not sure what i was expecting really, but the one we went to was a bit tired 'decor' wise, and all the food seemed to be out of the freezer onto the plate.  Was expecting fabulous american pancakes but they weren't that exciting at all.  Tea was short measured too, so am open for suggestions for a 'american' style breakfast.
my fabric....

The fabric shop didn't disappoint though, fabrics are curtain/blinds mainly, but lots suitable for craft sewing, and they also have a small selection of printed cotton fabric, along with haberdashery items.

Lots of roll ends and bargain, I didn't go with the intention of buying....but of course couldn't resist...