Bromham Mill

Bromham Mill - Bromham near Bedford
Our visit and the photos are not recent (Sept 2016), but forgot to add this to the blog.  This is worth a visit, they often have events, but have to say the day we went the weather was rubbish, and the 'market' out the front was definitely struggling with the elements!

They have a coffee shop, which seemed popular, and once past there you can have a wander around the mill.  There is information boards all about it, and the workings are lit up for you to see.

There are a few items for sale, mainly by local artists, some nice individual items.

There is a field at the back, but this just leads to a dead end as far as we could tell, some nice wood carvings dotted about, and perfect for picnics when the sun shines.

We did wander down the road to see the river and the bridge, but not sure there was much to see really...

They have a facebook page to see their event days