Wardown Park

Wardown Park in Luton, was recently closed for extensive renovations internally, and reopened last summer, we popped down there for a visit, and had a something to eat in the tea rooms.  There wasn't loads of choice but enough for us. 

On the ground floor they have recreated the rooms as they would have been in the day, along with some interactive items, such as a talking chair, and the billiards table doubles up as an interactive map of Luton.

Upstairs I suspect that the exhibits are the ones that were there previously, and tells stories of Luton and the hat industry and also military history.

We had a wander around the gardens, and down to the lake, I think there is a lot more they can do in this part, and think there are plans when finances allow, but it is certainly worth a wander down there.  It was a thriving boating lake many many years ago, and there are some history boards dotted around.

The lake is pretty with a bridge that has also been refurbished in recent years.

From Ampthill it is easy to get to when driving down the A6, and there is a car park right at the front.

Entry is free, but you will need to pay for parking, so what's not to like.