Rutland Water

As the summer had been so lovely in 2016 we decided to take a trip to Rutland Water, we did stay overnight, but from Ampthill it is only just over an hour away and so can be a day trip.  As you will see from the photos we managed to catch the weather when the sun decided to hide for most of it, and the rain came on day 2...putting pay to the planned trip to Barnsdale Gardens.  so I think a re-visit is necessary.

There are car parks around the water, and you can pay one fee for the day and move around the car parks, which work out a better deal for the day.  Some areas are busy than others, one part has a 'beach' in the summer and so was much busier than the rest.

You can get a boat trip across the water:

Rutland Water - with the sun


Oakham Museum


Rutland water is a man made reservoir that was 'made' in the 70s, there were some people that lost their homes, but they managed to leave a peninsular village that juts out into the water.

Oakham museum was a lovely little museum and filled the gap for our rainy day, it had an exhibition that was 1966 and all that, which was excellent and well put together.

We drove there via the A1 and came back north of Bedford.