Woburn Safari Park

Woburn Safari Park along woth Woburn Abbey is the biggest 'tourist attraction' around here.  I have visited many occasions - I had a season ticket for a year, and have been at least once a year as my son was growing up, and even helped with the Alameda school trip a few years ago.

With the school trip we were treated to a guide on the coach too, so even better.  

I have not been for a few years, although I would say it is a place that you can enjoy whatever your age.

Over the years the place has changed and I thought I would share some pictures of a visit this year.

The lions have always featured in the Park for as long as I can remember - I went in the 70s and they were there then!

The monkeys have changed over the years, and these cheeky ones will soon climb on your car if you stop, best to keep moving slowly...

These little chaps are in an enclosure that have lots of trees and you enter and wander around with them up in the trees.

Feeding time with the wallabies, how cute are these with their little joeys in their pouch, you walk around their enclosure. 

The lemurs you visit on foot also, and so fascinating and comical

A recently added attraction - I remember seeing these giant tortoises on a trip to the Seychelles a few years ago, different climate...but still fascinating!

And of course meerkats - did we even know of their existence before the advert.

Tropical birds in a large conservatory, great on a chilly day!

There really is something for everyone, plenty of picnic areas, or food to buy there if you prefer.  Play areas for little ones, and areas for the slightly older children.  Go Ape is also in the grounds at an extra charge for the even bigger kids!  If the weather stays dry you really can spend an entire day there.  It can get a bit chilly up there, so take an extra layer just in case, you are always nearby your car once you have parked up.  You can go around the safari again, or even leave it until later if it is busy when you first arrive.

It is only a 15 minute drive from Ampthill, and even better to drive via Eversholt through the deerpark to see the Abbey.


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