Coton Manor, Northamptonshire

This was just a lovely place to visit - particularly when the sun shines as it did when we went a couple of years ago.  It is a Manor run by the family, where you can visit the gardens, buy plants and also have a light lunch, homemade cakes etc.

They have a website with all the relevant information on there It took us just over 45 minutes to get there, and was a pleasant drive once we got off the motorway, you could There are seats around the gardens and also if the weather permits grassed area to sit, so you can take your own blanket.

The gardens slope away to a large meadow, that has been planted with meadow grass and wildflowers.  Chickens and ducks wander around, which are great fun to watch.

The plant nursery is quite extensive and includes some greenhouse plants as well.

We managed lunch a long walk around the gardens, plenty of plant choosing and cake and tea.